You need a hair regimen to care for your hair because studies have shown that the hair intentionally cared for are the ones most likely to thrive, and not necessarily the hair that has the most products expended on it. Gathering hair products without intentionally following a good hair regimen will only make one a product junkie, lead one into frustration, and resulting in one passing comments like “Natural Hair is too difficult to manage.” Many people struggle with the daily care of their hair, but it doesn’t have to be. A hair regimen will go a long way in making your hair care routine less stressful

But does my hair really need a regimen?

Yes it does. Absolutely! If we can spend time moisturising our skin and spraying fragrances daily, how come we find it hard to make just two to five minutes for our hair? The solves this problem in a way that is not overwhelming. The focuses on the care of our scalp and hair strands,

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